James Daly

What I do

I'm co-founder at designstripe, where I work with company strategy, lead the design team, and get my hands dirty with as many other parts of the business I can.

I also founded DrawKit in 2018, which has since joined the designstripe family. I help our awesome DrawKit team run the day-to-day and plan future ideas and goals.

On weekends I tinker with The Field Guide, an interactive collection of photography travel guides and community of travel photographers. This is a passion project that ties in nicely with my photography hobby.

I also film travel videos and music and post them on YouTube.

Who I am

I'm a guy from Sydney, Australia, currently living at Manly Beach. I studied Design and then Fine Arts at university, ultimately not finishing either degree when I dropped out to start my first business.

I work remotely, moving between my home office and co-working spaces when not travelling.

I love playing around where creativity meets business, and have way too many hobbies and projects I want to be doing. I'm trying to cut back and focus on the current ones only. Wish me luck.