Back in January I received an interesting email from François Arbour, a Canadian investor/entrepreneur, regarding DrawKit (read more on the story behind DrawKit here).

We had a few calls, realised we both had incredibly similar goals and aims for what we were building, and within 5 days had a plan.

Long story short, I've joined him as a co-founder for a new company we're building; designstripe, and DrawKit has joined designstripe.

We're building a brand new way to create, edit, and customise illustrations, without needing any complicated software. Everyone on the team is amazingly talented and I'm incredibly excited by what we're building - we have some big plans.

DrawKit is remaining DrawKit, it will continue to provide high quality, free SVG illustrations and animations, as well as premium paid illustration systems and packs, with new illustrations and packs on the way, all operating under the designstripe banner.

I'm looking forward to updating you on designstripe as it grows and we get closer to launching, so I'd love it if you signed up to the mailing list on the designstripe website →